Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Baby Jack - step by step instructions

So, we’ve been hanging out at the V & A Museum of Childhood and yesterday we made our own Jumping Jacks. 'Twas fun and I can highly recommend the workshops with lovely, bubbly artist Laura X Carle. She’s ace.

The theme of all their workshops this holiday is "the moving museum" and there's loads of great stuff happening. I've taken over their instagram and in case you don't make it the museum, I'm sharing with you how to get in on the moving fun at home.

So, to make your Jumping Jack, here's what you'll need:

⚡️Pencil & Colouring Pens
⚡️Card - paper will do, but something a bit sturdier is better
⚡️Paper fasteners  / eyelets - you’ll need at least 4, more if you want more joints. Get them in yer local craft / hardware shop or on amazon (did I say that?! slap!)
⚡️String / ribbon / an old lace
⚡️Sweets (for the grown ups or as an incentive for reluctant smallies ;))

NOTE before you start: I would say this is an activity for the over 6s, younger than that will need lots of help, but you can always let them loose with the colouring part and they will most definitely have the wackiest ideas when it comes to choosing a character…

1. On your card, draw your jumping jack character - it can be who or whatever you like, just make sure it has1 x head and body2 x arms2 x legs. You can add more joints if you have enough fasteners (ponytails, feet, hands, jointed legs and arms).

Colour your character in, add a few feathers n gems if you like, let your imagination run wild!

2. Cut out your character into its parts
1 x head and body
2 x arms (upper arms and forearms with hands if you like)
2 x legs (thighs and lower legs with feet if you like

3. Lay out your character and decided how you want the arms n legs to be - up for happy, down for a moodier look ;)

4. Turn your character over and, using a sharp pencil, punch a hole in the places you want the arms n legs to attach

5. Push the fasteners into the holes and secure, but not too tightly or your Jack won't move!

Here’s where it starts to get tricky, so a good time to eat a sweetie and concentrate...

6. Cut two pieces of string and place at the outer edge of each joint

7. Using very small pieces of tape, stick the string to the joints WITHOUT sticking the joints to the body (so the joints still move freely)

8.Cut a longer piece of string and first tie a knot to the middle of your arms string, then tie a knot in the middle of the legs string.

Ya get me?

9. Make sure the middle long string is quite taut and give it a jiggle as you go so the legs n arms can move.

10. Attach a loop of string to the top and you're good to go.

It does take a good bit of jiggling to get it right. Persevere. It's worth it.

Et voila. One Jumping Jack for you (and the kids) to hang on your window and impress all your/their mates with.

Go you SUPERMAMA / SUPERDAD / SUPERGRAN / SUPERNANNY / SUPERSITTER... (delete as appropriate) 👊 👊 👊

If you make one - and you know you want to - post your pics on Instagram / Facebook / Twitter using hashtag #KickUpTheArts and tag @museumchidhood and @theartscrusader to feature in our social media feeds. We wanna see your #JumpingJacks!

I believe my work here is done for now.

The Arts Crusader⚡️

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