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The point of this crusade is to raise awareness and to get more Hackney kids exposed to arts and culture. If we can all share stories and pics about what we're already doing with the kids we love, it'll get more people thinking about getting involved and hopefully doing too.

You can support The Arts Crusade in the following simple ways:

1. Do something #artyfarty with your kids (or someone else's!). Simples! Try doing something once a week for the months of January and February. Make it your new year's resolution ;)

2. Get your school to do something #artyfarty together and post your pictures. You don't have to go to loads of trouble, just use something you're already doing, or follow the Hackney Street Art trail (coming soon on pinterest). There'll be prizes up for grabs…

3. Are you an artist, performer or creative professional? Tell me your story so I can share it. Who knows, you might just inspire someone. email me to get started.

  • Follow me on facebooktwitter and pinterest for ideas, information and tips. And remember liking and sharing is caring…

  • Join the online conversation, post your comments and suggestions, share your pictures and videos

  • Are you a journalist or blogger? Cover our story, or write a guest blog why dontcha?! email me for more details

  • Swoosh!


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